HOUSE PORTRAITS - Custom Hand Drawn Original Art of Your Home


If you’ve clicked on this page my detailed pen & ink drawings must appeal to you. So why not consider a custom original House Portrait delivered to your door. Or shipped as a personalized gift to a family member or friend. These traditional hand-drawn pieces of art are truly a unique gift alternative created line-by-line in my one man studio! No matter how small or large the home is I treat every commission as a portfolio piece for my online gallery. My goal and passion is to elevate black & white line drawing and make every one of these illustrations leaving my drawing board a fine work of art!

Vermont Greeting Cards began with my House Portrait business. In the early years after completing a project for a proud homeowner, I would inevitably be asked about creating note cards of the image. Since the original art soon left my hands I figured creating self inspired images of landscape scenes and producing greeting cards of those images would be a worthy path to follow....

Visit my gallery featuring homes from across the country: 

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