Mike Biegel Illustration

About The Artist — The story use to be this:
"I live in Vermont where the lay of the land and the change of the seasons match many of my favorite subjects to illustrate"
But that has changed. You see, it took almost 20 years of living in VT to meet a women from Long Island, New York. I proposed the week of 4th of July 2016 on Block Island, RI. Then I sold my house 8 months later. 
Born in Detroit, raised in New Jersey, I eventually found my way to the Green Mountains of Vermont. But life is a circle. My studio is now on Long Island. But it won't stop Lori and I from spending long weekends throughout the ski season in Killington - it's in the blood.
About The Crow Quill Pen The crow quill is an old fashioned calligraphy pen & nib tool which I repeatedly dip into an inkwell to embellish my pencil drawings. I began using it in college. It quickly became my forte. Each illustration involves hours of work to attain the fine-line detail. It's not flashy or state of the art....but I'm proud to wield this tool and claim it as a badge of honor. If you purchase my product you are keeping traditional pen & ink illustration alive.
The Inspiration — When I was a kid in Jersey we lived on a brook. On one side was a corn field, the other side a sheep meadow. There was an old stone church walking distance and a vegetable stand. I was fascinated by the old farms off the scenic highways driving to college in upstate New York. When I began skiing I wasn't only hooked on the sport, but enchanted with the even more remote back roads, the undulating hills, the old barns and covered bridges. The expanses of farm land with their cows, horses, wooden fences and heaping bales of hay lured me in. That's how all these images came to be.
About My Work — I'm a freelance illustrator by trade. Clients have ranged from Yankee Magazine, Pico Mountain, The Killington Grand Hotel, Mother Earth News, The Metropolitan Opera Guild, The Canyons Resort, GreenPrints Quarterly, HBO, Simon Pearce, Seven Days, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AT&T and many more.  I have two illustration styles, fine-line and bold-line. To see more, visit my illustration web site - www.mikebiegel.com


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