Winter Birdhouse


"You built it with your daughter as a family project in the basement workshop. When she wanted to add a dowel to the face of the birdhouse, you explained how it might invite unwanted visitors to perch outside the door of the family that called it home. But she insisted, and you could not resist her vision of a place for little baby birds to rest after a long day of flight. That spring a nest had been started, but the birdhouse remained empty. Then, one winter morning, after an early season storm left a fresh layer of heavy snow upon the landscape, to check upon your handiwork, the two of you set out for a family stroll, bundled from head to toe. What a magical surprise it was, as you approached the maple tree with fingers crossed, to find a proud Northern Cardinal resting upon that peg! And just before it flew away, you watched your daughters’ eyes widen, and saw within her wonderful stare, a glorious red reflection declaring to the world — Yes, wishes and dreams do come true!" - paragraph is printed on back of card

  • Greeting — Happy Holidays! May all your wishes and dreams come true. 
  • Blank/Note Cards available
  • Size — 5" x 7" printed green on 100% white recycled paper (smooth finish) 
  • Envelope — matching paper / extra envelopes with each order
  • Free Shipping on all orders USPS Priority only

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