Rustic New England A-Frame Holiday Card Blank or with Greeting


The classic A-Frame is part of the wonderous visual appeal of every road trip through New England in the middle of winter. In this depiction I try capturing what it would be like living in one of these unusual structures in the heart of the forest after a snow storm rolled in the previous evening.

New for 2021, this is the first and only black & white card in my line of designs. Supplies are limited as my new press runs will be shorter than usual. Order with the pre-printed greeting or purchase as blank note cards for any occasion.

  • Greeting — "Love. Joy. Warmth. Peace."
  • Blank Note Cards available
  • Size — 5" x 7" printed in Dark Gray on white recycled paper with a felt finish
  • Envelope — matching paper / extra envelopes come with each order
  • Free Shipping on all orders USPS Priority only

Free USPS Shipping - Blank Note Cards or Holiday Greeting

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