Hand Drawn Original Art of Your Home (contact the artist direct):
If you’ve come to this page, then I know my detailed pen & ink work appeals to you. And that opens the door to having a House Portrait created for your personal enjoyment. Yes, there’s the standard promotion — “House Portraits are a truly unique gift alternative! They are great for holidays, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.” … all that’s true!
But there’s added incentive! You receive the physical original art (suitable for framing). All the heart and soul I put into every one of my illustrations no matter the size of the home is applied to your commission. I’m creating it for you…and for my portfolio. I want the work to be gallery viable. My goal is to elevate black & white line drawing and make every one of these pieces leaving my drawing board a fine work of art!
Vermont Greeting Cards began with my House Portrait business. In the early years after completing detailed original commissions for proud homeowners, I would inevitably be asked about creating note cards of the image. Since the original art soon left my hands I figured creating self inspired images of landscape scenes and producing greeting cards of those images would be a worthy path to follow....

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