Winter Horse Barn


"The frosty winter moon was hidden early in the evening by cloud cover and night check was completed with a steady eye. Each horse received an extra blanket and large flakes of hay from summers last cutting to help stay warm. Water buckets were cleared of thin ice and topped off. Feed barrels were secured and a carrot or two hand fed to each horse. Sliding the barn doors shut you slowly walked back to the cottage focusing on the sound of your crunching footsteps on hard packed snow. The holiday Nor’easter arrived on schedule and the first snowflakes fell steady and fine. When you awoke you had to pause in awe before a proud and glorious New England winter wonderland. Champagne powder enveloped the sprawling landscape with fence lines buried deep and woodpiles lost, save for the rounded end of a log here or there. With a hot mug of tea in hand and your boots warmed by the freshly stoked wood stove you shuffled back along the path to the barn, snow up to your shins. The sound of holiday bells and choruses resounded from the radio as you tended to the horses. Breathing deep the brisk and invigorating winter air you took in the warm glow of the rising December sun, the glistening fields and moaning boughs, the scent of pine trees and the occasional darting of cardinal red at the bird feeder. The horses snorted and neighed anticipating their first steps through the blanket of virgin pasture snow. On that day, from the panoramic view of your winter horse barn, all things New England, the snow, the horses, the undulating landscape, would culminate in the harmonious aftermath of a perfectly timed holiday snowstorm." paragraph printed on back of card

  • Click on each image to scroll through the front, inside and back of the card
  • Greeting — "Holiday Greetings! Warm Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year."
  • Blank/Note Cards available
  • Size — 7" x 5" printed Brown on 100% white recycled paper with a smooth finish
  • Envelope — matching paper / extra envelopes with each order
  • Free Shipping USPS Priority only

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