DONATIONS 2012 --- The Boston Marathon Bombing Victims & Vermont Disaster Relief

It took longer than I anticipated, but eventually 10% of my online holiday card sales went to the charities below. I dragged my feet a bit after last season (freelance deadlines). Plus one of last years funds closed. Then the Boston Marathon bombing happened. Close to cutting checks, I knew where donations needed to go:

New England Patriots Charitable Foundation & The One Fund
Through the New England Patriots web site you can donate —  "On April 16, the Kraft Family announced $100,000 in matching donations to support Boston Marathon victim recovery. If you are making a donation in response to Monday’s tragedy, please note “Boston Marathon”. All donations and matching funds will be earmarked for The One Fund."

The Kraft Family is firmly focused on their charitable endeavors. You have to believe they will make sure the monies go in the right direction. NOTE the added bonus of matching funds! Go Pats!

Vermont Disaster Relief Fund
The recoveries of more than 250 Vermont families remain unresolved according to their website. This Fund is actively working to rebuild the lives of the Vermonters still impacted by Hurricane Irene. Last year I had donated to a similar fund.

Thanks for your support. Onto next season — Best, Mike

Mike Biegel


Mike Biegel

Mike, what a wonderful your donations are! I am truly impressed. Its difficult enough running your own business through on-line orders and shows and it is really admirable that you have made a decision to pay it forward. I will continue ordering from you, will spread the word about your fantastic talent and will donate as well.
Thank you!
“T” Neighoff

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